What is all this about?

Just another dumb contest

Hotels on the air is a special event and contest that’s held the same weekend as Hamvention every year. This years event will occur from May 17th, 2024 at 0400 UTC, until May 19th, 2024 at 0400 UTC. Stay tuned for how to submit logs.

Official Rules (Subject to revision)

  • Contacts must be made within the amateur radio spectrum.
  • Contacts must be made via simplex only (except for satellite contacts).
  • Activators must be at a hotel, AirBnB, or RV.
  • Any form of repeaters is not allowed (again, minus satellites).
  • Stations may be worked once per band.
  • "Hotspots", and other VoIP systems are not permitted during this contest.
  • Digital text modes are allowed, except for DMR text messaging, and AX.25 (unless it is through the ISS digipeater).
  • Any contacts made outside of the contest window will not be scored.
  • Bands included in the contest are 2200m through 23cm.
  • Remote stations are not allowed.
  • Satellite contacts may be made once per hour (subject to revision).


The official exchange for the event is hotel name/approx. AirBnB location, grid square, and signal report.

IF YOU'RE USING FT8, you must put "HOTA" in the CQ text box. (Just follow normal FT8 exchange, no need for hotel name).


Hotel class

  • 1 point for any contact on hotel/lodging property
  • 1.5 points for maid cart mobile.
  • 2 points for each hotel to hotel
  • 2 points for each QRP (10 watts or less).
  • 3 points for each satellite contact.
  • x2 multiplier for each contact made from your room.

RV/Camper class

  • 1 point for any contact in your lot
  • 1.5 points for golf cart mobile
  • 2 points for each QRP contact
  • 3 points each satellite contact


  • 1 point per contact.
  • 2 points for QRP (10 watts or less) and/or emergency power contact.
  • 3 points for each satellite contact.

Global Multipliers/bonus

  • x2 multiplier for emergency/solar power
  • 10 bonus points for contacting KI6NAZ
  • 10 bonus points for social media presence (add proof when submitting logs)

If you think you do something that deserves bonus, DM me on discord (domthedorito), or send it with photo proof in your log submission.